Bedi trading and distribution

Solare Energy Kenya Limited

Renewable Energy

The group has diversified into various industries which we believe reflect substantial alpha generation opportunities for the region. Bedi Investments through wholly owned subsidiaries provide renewable energy solutions primarily for industrial and governmental applications.

Kenya enjoys more than 8 hours per day of 10,000 lux sunshine which is the natural advantaged these solutions provide. Solar street lighting facilitates rural electrification as a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Hence, we have worked with both county and central governments to provide these solutions in a cost-effective manner. For further information of our products and solutions please contact:

We are the agents of high-quality musical equipment and we also own the brand Winchester Music. For more information on this vertical please check our website

The Music Company

Music and Band Equipment

The Bedi Group invested into the supply of high-quality music and band equipment, and we are one of the largest suppliers of military grade Brass Bands and supporting musical equipment.

The Wine Company

Beverage Distribution

One of the new investments for the group includes alcoholic beverage distribution within Kenya and Uganda. Through our wholly owned subsidiary The Wine Company (TWC) we distribute a variety of alcoholic beverages catering to various market segments.

This ranges from fine wine and spirits to value and budget liquors. Currently the group is present in both Uganda and Kenya and is a key player within this market segment. TWC has also been shortlisted as a Super Brand within Kenya and this represents the extent of our superior market positioning. The group is also examining investing in the alcohol value chain to promote a greater degree of value addition locally. TWC already markets several in house brands in the wine and spirits sector. For further information please check the website:

We leverage off our extensive experience in apparel production, embroidery and printing to provide high quality solutions to our clients. Our fully vertical supply chain allows us to provide promotional material with very quick timelines, meeting the demands of the rapidly changing promotional and advertising landscape.

Fine Spin Promo

Promotional Material

Finespin Promo is our promotional supplies business which provides customized and bespoke promotional supplies to a variety of regional, local and multinational corporates.

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