Bedi manufacturing

Bedi Investments EPZ

Kenya is a large beneficiary of the US duty free trade program AGOA, currently we export over $400m under this trade agreement. Bedi EPZ is a 100% owned subsidiary of Bedi Investments limited, which caters towards the increasing global demand for apparel produced in East Africa.


We currently export into markets in Europe and the US, along with other geographies around the globe. Over the years Bedi EPZ has earned a reputation of producing high quality apparel exported to the US, EU and COMESA markets. Today its ranked amongst the largest and most respected apparel companies in Kenya producing apparel ranging from dress pants, casual pants, shirts, tees, tunic suits and many more. The increasing buyer interest in production within the region is due to a variety of factors, namely increasing cost pressures from Asian manufacturing hubs and an emphasis of sustainability and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Bedi Investments EPZ employs approximately 900 people in apparel production.

We have worked with a variety of partners including Calvin Klien, Izod, Van Heusen, Haggar, Kenneth Cole, Tesco, Walmart and Russel Athletic.

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Today, Bedi fabrics are world renowned for their quality, colour fastness and durability and are exported across the African continent and Europe and USA. Due to our superior quality and yarn dyeing techniques we are able to produce uniforms with superior levels of colour fastness and uniformity. This has allowed the company to become a regional powerhouse in the sub Saharan military supply space.

Bedi Fabrics

In 1984 BIL backwardly integrated into the production of woven suiting fabrics to compliment its apparel factory in pursuit of higher quality fabrics and acquired ‘state of the art’ technology from Europe, this was pioneering for Kenya.

The fabrics produced are mainly:

  • 100% polyester fabrics
  • Polyester/ viscose blended fabrics
  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • 100% viscose fabrics
  • Polyester/cotton blended
  • Polyester/viscose with LYCRA
  • Performance fabrics
  • Work-wear fabrics
  • School uniform fabrics
  • Defence fabrics

Fine Spinners Uganda

Fine Spinners Uganda is a fully integrated textile mill involved in the production of 100% cotton yarn, fabrics and apparel.

The group is also the Africa agent of A&E polyester sewing threads, one of the world’s largest sewing thread brands. The group also produces melange yarn/fabric along with surgical cotton for medical applications. We currently produce T shirts and Polo shirts which are sold primarily into the European, US and regional markets. Our company employs approximately 1,100 people in the textile factory based in Kampala Uganda.


The ethos of this business venture is built off sustainability and social impact. Within this business we engage a disability school, where we provide jobs to the less privileged in society.

Most of our staff are women, and this allows for economic empowerment and bridging the gender gap in Kenya. We have produced apparel for a variety of brands including Louis Vuitton Moet & Hennessy, Edun, Suno and Lem Lem.

Viva Africa also operates a unit manufacturing duvets, pillows, sheets and other home furnishings.

Viva Africa

We run two studio factories where we produce high quality apparel for luxury brands. The garments and accessories we produce are complex and exhibit the highest degree of quality and workmanship.

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