Bedi Direct Investment

Cotton Value Chain

The group is also involved in the entire cotton value chain in Uganda, our sister company is one of the largest textile players in Uganda and the largest 100% cotton value chain within East Africa.
We are involved in cotton farming, ginning, spinning, knitting, dyeing, garmenting and exporting apparel regionally and to Europe and the US. Our value chain is CMIA, BCI and sustainable hence offering a unique value proposition for our customers. We engage over 16000 farmers with our offtake and employ more than 1,100 people at our mill based in Kampala Uganda. For more information please check out our website:

FSL K Godowns Interior

Our real estate exposure is concentrated across the East African landscape and we leverage off prime locations and properties accrued by the group over several years. We target strong growth in rental yield’s, and we possess more than 200,000 square feet of industrial rental space in Kenya and Uganda. In terms of agricultural real estate, we own cotton ginning assets in Uganda, which are currently being operated as fully functional cotton gins.

Real Estate Investments

Our investment mandate in the real estate sector spans commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial real estate.

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